The Creative Corner

8.14.2011 . . . . Summoning my inner cheerleader

I decided to add this section to my site because, well, it’s obvious – I am an artist.  I found this to be a great opportunity to add to my portfolio by creating a daily portfolio piece  (keeping it in a 30 minute maximum time frame to create).  Not to mention another great WordPress site to make!  However, instead of posting just a daily drawing,  I thought I’d give myself the room to take my creativity to other mediums. Such as writing, graphic design and photography. I recently checked out a book from the library called ‘Caffeine for the Creative Mind’.  This is an awesome book that I have been taking advantage of the past few evenings (you can check it out on Amazon here). It is filled with many exercises to help you get the creative side of that brain of yours working. Now I won’t be taking ideas from this book every day since I feel I need to be creative in coming up with my own exercises, but I did have fun writing for this one exercise that I will be sharing with you today. The exercise was to come up with a cheer, either encouraging or putting down a certain someone, business, team, etc., etc. I decided to go with an encouraging cheer to help out a little pup who has some issues with being afraid of just about everything (especially black and dark colored objects).  I think it’s a little silly, but I’m still slightly proud of it.   I came up with this one in about ten minutes:
Come on Tifa,
You can do it.
Don’t fret that black thing,
You could chew it!

No need to bark at ev’ry lil thing.
Nor pee or poo like they’ve made you scream.

Confidence is all you need.
So perk up pup
And take the lead!

Goooooo Tifa!

Now tell me, who you would write a cheer for?


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