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All right. Now I have something to write about.  Odd. . . I uploaded a scanned in photo of a sketch I drew. When I previewed it, what was in place of my photo?  A photo of a woman (not so attractive) with a big penis in her mouth…now what the hell is that about?

Now, I am slightly frustrated with this.  I know the sketch wasn’t the best, but what the hell?  I wanted to post it.  I double checked the coding and it is correct.  I really just don’t want to deal with it and I’m not certainly going to leave my sketch that somehow turned into a “beast” of a photo on my site.  Potential clients and or employers may be viewing this.  Now I’m not against sex or blow jobs, but that picture was not in good taste.

>>>>A short while later after doing the dishes<<<<

I switched to my husband’s computer and it seems to be working now.  But if for some reason my “Beauty and the Beast” sketch is more beastly than beautiful, well, you know why.

My quick sketch inspired by Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.


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