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2 Days & 2 Nights In San Francisco

This is a blog article I wrote the other day from Tajlyn Travels. I will be contributing to Tajlyn Travels often on This is my first entry. Stay tuned for more!

A Collection of thoughts & stories

Written By Casandra

October 2014 in California was beautiful and warm….when is it not?  To answer that one, usually by the last week of October, Central California has been known to get its cold and hard rainfall, sometimes snow and ice, for a few to several days straight.  Tajlyn & I set up this tour from October 10th thru the 29th with hopes to avoid that and we were blessed with beautiful weather for traveling and camping. This was our first tour.

The fourth day of the tour brought us to San Francisco, California where Tajlyn was to play an open mic night at the Historical Hotel Utah.  I decided to write about this time first because the main header photo on this site was taken during this time in San Fran. Tajlyn had asked a fellow friend, another professional musician, if they knew of anyone we could stay…

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