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Just Another Wild-Hot, Fire-Filled August Night In Sacramento

Here is my second addition to Tajlyn Travels on . I have a lot more stories to tell. The question is which one am I gonna write about next.

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Written By Casandra

August 28, 2015, a very hot one in California.  Tajlyn managed to book a random show this night from meeting a fellow from the previous Saturday where we played a show in Auburn.  Side note to those thriving musicians – don’t stop playing during your set even if you are just playing for the bar tender(s).  A booker from another venue may just show up a half hour before your set is up and want to book you at their venue because they think you rock…..

We were staying about an hour outside of Sacramento.  Up in the mountains it was in the high 90s.  Feels great, the dry heat.  We were at the last few days of staying with some very good family friends in California before we headed back east.  It was the second to last show of the west coast tour.

With Mondo – The Gig…

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