I am one who enjoys to keep moving, like a stream, in a positive direction; with focuses on inner peace and creative freedom applied to all aspects in life. Having many goals for the future, I hope to make this journey a long, enjoyable, productive, and adventurous one.

As a Professional Designer… I started my career when I was a teenager, working at my uncle’s sign shop and learning everything I could about the sign and graphics industry. I greatly enjoyed weeding vinyl, putting together signs and learning about designing a clean and effective sign layout. I also learned the essential skills of painting and building all types of signs from the first contour cut of a fresh piece of medium to the completed sign being installed.

Currently, I have 15 years of working experience in the graphic design and print field. I have spent a fair amount of that time working in sign shops, producing signs from the design process – to plot – to build. I have worked with various printing facilities over the years, designing and setting up files for screen printing (signs & apparel), embroidery, digital printing and vinyl plotting.   I have also spent the last few years enhancing my skills in website design and development.  Photography and photo editing have also become a highlight in my arsenal of skills. I love what I do and am ready to bring my imagination and many skills to the table for you and your business or project!

Art is one of my passions!  My love of art began as a child.  I pursued this love all through elementary and high school, enjoying every art class I could take. I went to a vocational school my junior and senior year of high school in order to study Art and Printing.  There I learned the Adobe Creative Suite programs and the fundamentals of the printing and graphic design industry.  I even started working at my uncle’s sign shop during the summers, learning the ways of weeding and masking vinyl, applying a smooth coat of primer to an MDO board along with so many other priceless skills.  I also found myself taking ceramics and watercolor courses at night with my other artsy relatives.  I was still loving art by the time I graduated high school, so I enrolled rather quickly into college to work towards an Associate Degree in Commercial Art & Graphic Design.  After a lot of hard work and many hours of learning everything from typography to web design and psychology to speech, I had obtained my degree and a job in the field. It is now quite some time later and I continue loving the work I create in the art world.  Sometimes it is an illustration or a website or a T-shirt design or a photo shoot with some fun editing in Photoshop.  These are the joys of working in my field.

Email me at artcrowecasa@gmail.com

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